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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Justin Moore Set to Speak in Boston

Justin Moore will be a featured speaker at the ‘What Works’ Summit, a conference on best practices for rowing and sculling, taking place from Friday, February 11 to Sunday, February 13 at Boston's Community Rowing Harry Parker Boat House.

The summit includes multiple instructional formats, from Keynote Addresses (from both individual speakers and expert panels) to Breakout Sessions (seminars, workshops, panels) and the Opening and Closing Roundtables. During the summit, a collection of nationally recognized experts from a variety of specialties—Junior, Collegiate and National Team Coaches, Sports Medicine, Coaching Education, Sports Nutrition, Physiology, Sports Psychology—will discuss the practical applications of their research to the sport of rowing.

Other featured speakers include Charley Butt, Harvard University Head Men’s Lightweight Coach and Declan Connelly, PhD/MS, Director of Human Performance Laboratory at University of Vermont.

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